The division of marital assets in divorce is often complex, requiring the guidance of a financial expert.  A&C professionals can assist with preparing for divorce settlement and resolving financial issues by identifying marital assets, determining asset character through forensic analysis and asset tracing, and providing a detailed financial picture of the marital estate.  Our experienced forensic accounting team of CPAs, ABVs, and CFEs is ready to serve you.

The comprehensive range of family law-related services and capabilities provided by A&C include:

  • Tracing and Characterizing Assets
    • Identification, tracing, and characterization of separate and community assets and debts including mutations
    • Calculations related to potential reimbursement, reconstitution, and other equitable claims in compliance with family law statutes
    • Forensic accounting analysis and investigation
  • Valuation of Assets
    • Valuation of closely-held companies, complex corporate structures, or alternative assets
    • Identification and determining the valuation impact of personal goodwill
    • Valuation analysis related to retirement and stock-based compensation plans
    • Maintenance and child support calculations
  • Litigation Support
    • Assistance as a financial neutral in the collaborative family law process
    • Assist counsel in preparation of information and discovery requests
    • Preparation of expert reports including review and rebuttal of opposing expert opinions
    • Assistance in mediation and settlement negotiations, including analysis of potential tax considerations
    • Assistance in the development of trial strategy
    • Assistance with deposition and cross-examination questions for the parties and opposing experts
    • Preparation of trial exhibits to assist the judge or jury
    • Expert witness testimony at hearings, depositions, and trials


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