State & Local Taxes

Multi-State Taxation Consultation and Planning

  • State Income and Sales/Use Tax Returns:

A&C is experience in preparing state income and sales/use tax returns for all states.

  • Quarterly work:

Preparation of quarterly estimates and extensions is imperative to minimizing penalties. A&C completes these projects, alleviates peak workload, and ensures timely estimated filings, thereby minimizing exposure to penalties.

  • State notices:

A&C responds to and tracks state notices in a timely manner so penalties are minimized.

  • Data gathering:

Compliance costs can increase due to missed deadlines and credits. A&C professionals are qualified to gather timely key information such as filing calendars, net operating loss tracking schedules, apportionment factor data, and cash tax outlays summary. A&C performs such filings in a timely manner to keep compliance costs and costly errors at the minimum.

  • State amended returns:

A&C can assist in timely compliance with state reporting requirements to reflect federal audit adjustments.

  • Miscellaneous returns:

A&C are qualified and prepare annual reports, business licenses, etc. in all state and local jurisdictions.

Audit Representation

A&C brings you the expertise to professionally defend your company’s interests against the complexities of state income tax and sales/use tax law in all states, along with the aggressive approach of state tax auditors performing audits. A&C’s audit representation services range from simple audit consultations before and during an audit, to the complete handling of all aspects of the audit process.

Refund Reviews

Faced with budgetary constraints, states are becoming more aggressive and creative than ever in collecting tax. A&C has noticed a shift in state law to limit exemptions, increase tax rates and expand taxpayer liability. Auditors do not look for refunds. They award credits if uncovered, but they don’t go seeking for them. Because of A&C’s experience, knowledge, and familiarity with state auditing procedures, A&C can help you minimize sales and use, income and franchise tax audit assessments by aggressively looking for refunds to offset the assessments. The experts at A&C help you reduce business interruption and ensure the most favorable results possible.

Nexus Studies

Does your company have a place of business in a state?

Does your company have employees or independent contractors?

Do your representatives have home offices?

Do your representatives use company property, such as laptops?

Does your company have any equipment, inventory, product samples?

Does your company install or repair its product?

Does your company participate in trade shows, host sales meetings, or train users?

Do out-of-state employees or representatives visit the state?

The answers to all these questions impact whether you have nexus in a state. A&C’s nexus studies or reviews will evaluate your business and its direct and indirect connections to states as well as provide written determinations regarding your state filing obligations. Tax advisers can be hired on a state-by-state or comprehensive basis, or may be hired simply to coordinate your in-house compliance efforts.

Representation in Front of State and Local Taxing Authorities

With the myriad of state income tax and sales/use tax laws state taxes can be confusing, but A&C professional tax experts know how to offer tax help to resolve the most complicated tax issues. A&C has successfully represented clients contesting state tax liability notices and assessments.

Taxability Studies

Taxability varies by industry, method of delivery and the state in which they are performed. Taxability rules change frequently, and, at least once a year, it is important to research taxability of different services your company performs. If the state discovers that you did not charge tax on taxable services under audit, your company will be responsible for uncollected tax, penalties and interest. A&C can research tax statutes, regulations, court cases and rulings and provide you with taxability matrix for categories of services and states in question.

Voluntary Disclosures

A voluntary disclosure minimizes the past returns required to be filed and the penalties and interest owed on the assessment. Further, some customers may have paid use tax for which your company may be entitled to a credit.


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